Mau Mau´s first bird

The Mau Mau perspective:

Today I caught my very first bird!
It took me a while, I don’t know why…
Maybe the birds know where I live and know they shouldn’t come near me.
Because I can be a real tiger, honestly!
I was so proud of myself and I sure wanted to show it my mom.
Thank god she ran outside at the right moment. Being so proud, I walked straight to my mom.
She was very proud too, i could see it. She was speechless.
She grabbed the bird and put me inside the house.
Because I brought her an amazing present, I thought I was going to get a treat.
So I was looking outside the window at my mom, to see what she was doing.
But she let the bird go! When she got back in the house I was upset, and cranky because it felt like she didn’t like my present. But my mom came to me and gave me cuddles and kisses. Everything was just fine.

Guess I’m gonna have to catch her a new one.

The mom perspective:

You wouldn’t believe what happened today. Mau Mau caught her first bird!
I was so shocked, because I thought she could never do it.
Who wouldn’t see a big fluffy white cat you would think. Well this bird apparently…
Anyway when I saw it, I just ran like a crazy person outside.
Thinking she would run away but she actually ran right towards me.
I was so mad but I wasn’t gonna say anything because I didn’t want to upset Mau Mau.
I grabbed Mau Mau and put her inside the house. The bird was fine, thankfully…
So I put her on the ground and she flew away.
When I was walking back to the house I could see Mau Mau walking away upset.
I decided to cuddle and kiss her because I know it’s not her fault. It’s her instinct.

But I sure hope it doesn’t happen again!

Binq design toilet review

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Don’t you just hate it when your house is designed with style, everything is on point but then there is that ugly cat
toilet you got.
Well today I (mom) am going to write about a cat toilet Mau Mau and I got to review.

Binq Design came with a great solution, an amazing design for around your litter box. So you don’t have to look at an ugly litter box any more,
Now your house can keep it’s amazing style! There are even different ways for you as an owner to use it besides a toilet.
Put a pillow on the top and your cat has a place extra to sleep on.
Or use the pillow when you need to put your shoes on.
Let your creativity out and let me know what you would do!
You can do this in the comment section.

There are six different front colours you can choose of: dark grey, mint green, light grey (this is the colour we got), taupe, blue and white.
The back colour is always white. You also get the litter box inside for free with you toilet.

It’s really easy to clean too. The coloured part is put on with magnets, so when you need to clean it you just pulled it off and get your litter box out.
Then when you’re done you put the litter box back inside and click the front back on. easy peasy lemon squeezy.

So if you hate looking at an ugly litter box in your house, binq designs cat toilet is the best thing for you!
it made me a very happy cat mom!
It fits my design perfectly and it looks amazing!
And maybe the most important thing ever, Mau Mau loves it too!!

Available at:







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